August 5, 2023

Webinar | A Gamechanger: HPC Without the Datacentre

In June 2020, Maikel Bouricius joined Taylor Deakyne, Head of Enterprise Solutions Group for our partner Boston Limited for a webinar discussing whether the concept of the traditional datacentre is outmoded.

Datacentres are changing and we’re not talking about the advancement of cloud computing!What if there was a business case to scrap the traditional set-up and utilise a datacentre in a box? What if you could have an on-premise standalone solution or simply convert any room?What if you could run HPC without the actual datacentre?

Listen to Boston Limited and Asperitas debunk the myths surrounding Immersion Cooling and share HPC case studies that will make you reconsider all you think you know about how Supercomputing infrastructure works.

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