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The unique Asperitas liquid cooling technology concept, Immersed Computing®, enables sustainable and high density datacentres anywhere they're needed to run your applications. Our fully integrated, contained and liquid cooled solutions include fully immersed application centric server platforms optimised for synergy and performance. Immersed Computing® enables record breaking densities, warm water cooling and performance boosting of platforms.

Immersion Cooling
Datacentres can do better

To address global datacentre challenges regarding sustainability, performance and reliability, Immersed Computing® has been developed and goes far beyond just the technology. It embraces the most efficient model for operating IT, total liquid cooling and immersion cooling, which reduces the energy footprint of IT by eliminating overhead energy. The technology allows for warm water cooling which provides even more energy savings on cooling installations. Moreover, the ability of the liquid to capture all the IT energy combined with warm water cooling enables solutions ready for heat reuse.

Furthermore, this method of datacentre cooling includes an optimised way of work, highly flexible deployment opportunities, the ability to adapt next generation hardware components and drastic simplification of datacentre design. As a result, it offers great advantages on all levels of any datacentre value chain from design to platform operation.

Designed for reliability

Asperitas' thermal management expertise creates products which reduces the use of limited natural resources, reduces power and cooling requirements and enables heat reuse. Total immersion cooling ensures no oxygen touches the IT components, thus preventing oxidation. Thermal shock is greatly reduced due to the high heat capacity of liquid. The immersed environment only has minor temperature fluctuations, greatly reducing thermal expansion stress on micro electronics. These factors eliminate the root cause for most of the physical degradation of micro electronics over time.

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Immersed Computing®, unique elements

PNC and DFC driven

All of the Asperitas’ datacentre liquid immersion cooling solutions are driven by Perpetual Natural Convection and Direct Forced Convection to circulate the dielectric liquid for heat transfer. Asperitas is the only immersion cooling provider that has solutions for the full range of datacentre deployments and workloads; able to deliver. All of the datacentre cooling solutions we develop are optimised for optimal flow and heat transfer.

Monitoring & Control

A unique sensor based intelligence layer is an integrated element in Immersed Computing® solutions. Offering a real time monitoring and management system for users gives an insight into the most critical performance metrics and trends of each deployed system.

Clean & Safe operation

A service trolley for clean servicing of individual servers is available. This enables automatic lifting of the cassettes for placement and removal without interaction with the immersion cooling fluid. Transport capability for 12 cassettes and 8 switches is made possible with the semi-automated service trolley. Integrated consumables which are specialised for operating wet equipment. Integrated leak protection such as trays, sump and drain. Integrated immersion cooling fluid polishing system. ESD safe.

Flexible deployment
‍Hyperscale efficiency, at any scale


A single system requires only power, access to a water loop and data connectivity to operate in a datacentre. Combined with its silent workings, these limited requirements enable high flexibility in deployment sites and scenarios for immersion cooling, inside and outside the datacentre.

Stackable & modular

A single water loop can be shared across multiple liquid cooling modules and the modules can be placed back-to-back and side-to-side. Since there is no air required for the system to operate, large rows of interconnected systems can be placed in relatively small spaces.

New datacentre sites

Immersed Computing® solutions allows datacentres to go to places which were inaccessible before. Whether it is an expansion of the existing datacentre space, inside an office building or closer to the edge of the network like a rural area. This opens up possibilities to integrate IT into other industrial processes to address the global need for energy efficiency.

Immersed Computing®, unique elements

Reduced floorspace

Compared to an average air-cooled cloud datacentre, the Asperitas PNC and DFC platforms can facilitate 5-10 times as much density.

No raised floors

Raised floors and isle separation schemes are no longer required.

Flexible deployment

The physical location of the datacentre becomes less challenging with Asperitas immersion cooling technology. Since there is no noise, datacentres can be built closer to the edge.

Minimised cooling installations

The minimised cooling requirements of each tank results in smaller, simplified and cheaper datacentre cooling installations.

Minimised power systems

The emergency no-break power systems can be minimised to lower power requirements for IT and cooling systems.

Less IT failures

Immersed Computing® eliminates the root cause of most electronic component failures.

Reduced facility maintenance

Downsized cooling and power requirements also reduce the amount of maintenance on these systems. Depending on the scenario 15% less maintenance is feasible.

Go full performance all the time

Immersed Computing® allows the CPU to run at full performance continuously, as a result increasing the average performance by up to 40%.

Reduced OS and CPU licenses

Because of the smaller number of physical servers and components there are less OS or CPU licenses required.

Learn more about our approach on immersion cooling: Immersed Computing®

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Fully protected, with integrated monitoring and control systems

Fluid level sensors

Monitors the optimal immersion cooling fluid level.

Overheating Protection

Powers down the PDUs in case of cooling failure and overheating.

Flow and temperature sensors

Monitors the cooling water supply and incoming and outgoing temperatures.

Light projections in an integrated statusbar

Shows the health status with the safety and control system.

Technical specifications

600mm x 1,215mm x 1,990mm (L x W x H)
Height clearance requirement
Product weight: 375kg
Operational weight (without IT): 760kg
Operational weight (with IT): 1,120kg (6-point loads)
ASHRAE W3 solution footprint
105kW/m², 32ºC
Electrical capacity
Cooling capacity
Exceeding 3.6kW/U
IT capacity (servers)
12U (19” up to 990mm in height)
IT capacity (switches)
2x 19” air-based depth of 480mm
Circulation method
Direct Forced Convection
Liquid product
Single-phase hydrocarbon
Liquid amount (tank full of IT)
Minimum 352 litres
Dimensions (L x W x H): 1500 x 714 x 1600mm. Height clearance requirement: 2460mm.
Transport weight: 600kg. Operational weight (without IT): Typical 1080kg. Operational weight (with IT): Typical 1680kg.
ASHRAE W3 Solution Footprint
18kW/m², 32°C
Electrical capacity
44kW, fully redundant
Cooling capacity
Typical 32kW
IT capacity (servers/switches)
24 x U, up to 21”, or 22 x 1OU, up to 21”
IT capacity (switches)
2 x 19”
Non-IT power
Non-IT power overhead
Liquid amount
550l to 650l

Cooling liquid

Circulation method Natural convection, no pumps
Liquid product Shell S5X hydrocarbon
In partnership with Shell learn more at the Shell Immersion Cooling Fluid website or download the Shell brochure
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Facility requirements

Environmental conditions -20°C to 55°C non-condensing
Electrical connection
Mennekes 5-pin CEE 63A. male center pin
Switch gear, electrical selectivity
Water input (depends on IT)
Typical 35°C to 45°C, above dew point
Water flow rate
Nominal 0.5l/s, maximum 1.6l/s overall
Water connection
(2N setup possible) 4 off 1” BSPP threaded, stainless connector


Heat rejection efficiency >98%
All parts are live serviceable

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