February 2, 2024

ABN Amro podcast | Servers Efficiënt Koelen in Vloeistof

Our very own Maikel Bouricius, Asperitas CMO, took part in the Podcast De Innovatiegolf series with ABN AMRO Bank N.V. recently. The podcast series talks about the influence of technology on people, business and the planet.

In the Servers Efficiënt Koelen in Vloeistof episode, Maikel explained the energy savings of immersion cooling in datacentres, highlighting the increasing attention being paid to greener IT.

"We also call the noise you hear in a data center 'the sound of inefficiency'." - Bouricius

Listen to the podcast (in Dutch) now ➡️ https://ow.ly/q1Xl50Qx4UM

Or schedule in a meeting with Maikel ➡️ https://ow.ly/H3T150QhOwp

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