December 7, 2023

Asperitas is a TechTour Growth Sustainability 2023 Winner

Maikel Bouricius accepting the prestigious award

The Tech Tour Growth Sustainability 2023, a flagship event held in Essen on 27-29 November, showcased 95 of Europe’s most promising companies with climate and green technology solutions. The event featured the top 100+ presenting companies and award winners from different sustainability-related Tech Tour events held in 2023, and they were selected for their growth and investment potential, from over 1,000 applications.

Our CMO, Maikel Bouricius, gave his pitch at the event and Asperitas was selected by around 400 seasoned investors as the Winner in the Cleantech for Industry Category. His words showcased how datacentres can do more by adopting immersion cooling. The technology is offering a solution that addresses the key industry challenges on performance, sustainability, reliability and costs – now and for the future. Maikel explained how Asperitas, as leading immersion cooling specialists, is providing cutting edge solutions for energy efficient and high density datacentres globally.

Asperitas' AIC24N solution was presented. Having already won various awards, this self-contained unit has built-in power, networking and monitoring. Cooling through natural convection, the plug and play system is offering a high level of safety and control with 24U and up to 21” server space, plus 2 x 1U for switches.

Ultimately, Asperitas brings a sustainable solution to datacentres, and this objective is realized through innovative and science driven methods as well as a collaborative approach with our extensive partnership ecosystem.

Every year, Tech Tour brings together 1,000+ selected tech companies with Europe’s 1,000 most active investors and corporate partners over 25 invitation-only programs across Europe, covering all tech sectors such as digital, health and sustainability.  So it was amazing to see Asperitas recognised as one of the most impactful game-changers in the sustainability sector this year!

Learn more about how Asperitas enables sustainable growth in digital infrastructure, datacentres and compute. Book in a meeting now ➡️ https://ow.ly/6JNR50QbF8G

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