December 12, 2023

Sustainable datacentre technology provider Asperitas teams up with Unica Datacenters

Immersion cooling specialist Asperitas, has announced its partnership with datacentre infrastructure expert, Unica Datacenters for the execution of commissioning, service and maintenance of Asperitas products to provide first class customer satisfaction for their Immersed Computing® projects.

Unica Datacenters, part of Unica Group, conducts a business in the field of designing, building, maintaining and operating reliable datacentres. The partnership will enable Asperitas to offer its customers commissioning, service and maintenance activities at a larger scale, more efficiently and 24/7. The Unica team, consisting of proficiently trained Field Service Engineers, will be working in accordance with the highest standards in the industry.

Ronald Monster, Asperitas CEO said: “This partnership with Unica Datacenters ensures that Asperitas presents a robust commissioning, preventive maintenance and support service to our customers, allowing our systems to run efficiently and maximize their life expectancy, ultimately reducing the operating expense of the datacentre over time. Both Asperitas and Unica Datacenters are working together to support customers in achieving their datacentre cooling needs, and this service offering enables us to deliver scheduled maintenance services and have responsive field support to achieve our common goals.”Operational support from Unica Datacenters includes site visits, inspections, installation and commissioning of the Asperitas AIC24 immersion cooling solutions. Customers will then be expertly instructed on how to operate the product and provided with ongoing customer support, updates and in the rare cases corrective maintenance. For servicing, an online self-service portal will be available 24 hours per day, seven days per week.

Arno Uiterweerd, Unica Datacenters Managing Director commented: “We strongly believe in immersion cooling technology as it supports a shared ambition to achieve high energy efficiency and sustainability goals within the datacentre environment. The Asperitas product, coupled with Unica Datacenters’ support is a great opportunity for IT owners to adopt this disruptive technology now, with complete confidence. Our extensive experience in datacentres will have a significant impact on the customer experience and this partnership will deliver the highest-class service to our clients.”

Asperitas has trained and certified all Unica Datacenters Field Service Engineers in all aspects of their immersion cooling technology and products. The combined effort of the two companies will ensure the highest quality in order to meet and ultimately exceed the requirements of each client service delivery.

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Notes for editors
For more information, please contact

Emilia Coverdale, Marketing Project Manager, +31611465021, emilia.coverdale@asperitas.com

About the technology

Datacentres can become more energy efficient using Asperitas’ cooling technology, while at the same time reducing the space needed for the same IT capacity by directly cooling the hardware with an optimised liquid developed by Shell. The completely closed solution can be directly applied to existing datacentres. Asperitas’ solution is the only pumpless immersion cooled system, based on the natural convection concept, resulting in plug and play enterprise ready solutions.The technology also makes it possible for energy-intensive (future) hardware of chip manufacturers to continue to function at the highest possible utilisation rate. The latter makes the technology interesting for users of high-performance computing systems. A unique aspect of Asperitas’ solution is its ability to offer hot water-cooling, which makes it possible to cool datacentres, even in warm areas. The solution converts all electricity used for the hardware into a usable energy form: warm water of at least 55 degrees Celsius. This would allow datacentres to transform into suppliers of residual heat on a large scale, catering to the needs of many European regions where many datacentres are housed.

About Asperitas

Asperitas is a Dutch clean and high-tech scale-up, that has developed and marketed Immersed Computing®, a technology based on immersion liquid cooling to enable datacentres to function in a sustainable manner, even for the most demanding users and environments. In 2018, Asperitas won the international New Energy Challenge competition organised by Shell, Rockstart and YES!Delft. In May 2020, the World Economic Forum published a paper on Transformational Energy Innovations of the last 10 years, selecting Asperitas technology as the only datacentre energy efficiency solution in their ground breaking paper.

About Unica Datacenters

Unica Datacenters is the Dutch specialist for design, build, maintenance and operation of datacenters and network infrastructures. As a general contractor, we build upon more than 20 years of expertise and provide state of the art services on behave of various international clients. We value close collaboration with our clients, where transparency and contract compliance lay the basis for a strong and long-term relationship. Unica Datacenters is part of Unica Group, one of the largest Dutch technical service providers, adding unique access to technical expertise and capacity. To learn more, visit: www.unica.nl/datacenters

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