August 5, 2023

Asperitas presents cutting edge immersion cooling solution at OCP Global Summit

Immersion cooling specialist Asperitas has added an additional immersion cooling solution to their current portfolio. The solution is making use of the same natural convection driven circulation concept as the solution introduced to the market in 2017, but with increased IT capacity. The solution is designed to address the demand for high density and performance compute across various markets including hyperscale cloud, enterprise class and telecom.

The new AIC24 solution allows for twentyfour 1U 21” wide servers to be integrated and two additional switches with a technical heat dissipation capacity of 60kW. The solution is designed to meet the demand for high density compute both on a system and server level. The 21” wide server space allows OEMs and integrators to design cutting edge servers utilising the full potential of the immersion cooling concept developed by Asperitas, Immersed Computing®.Similar to the previous, smaller solution launched by Asperitas, the newly introduced system makes use of the natural convection driven fluid circulation within. This unique approach enables immersion cooling to be both climate independent (free cooling up to 48 degrees celsius) and fully heat reuse ready (more than 98% energy transformed into hot water). Each system comes with a smart sensor-based monitoring and management control system, which is Redfish capable for full integration in OCP standard environments.

At the OCP Global Summit, Asperitas presented several server solutions based on the new server cassette format, showing the simplicity to integrate three 7” OCP boards in a server from manufacturer Wywinn and also a high density storage solution from AIC. An OEM partnership with Dell Technologies was also showcased and a first solution is expected to be commercially available in Q2 2020.Asperitas has been an active member of OCP since 2018, leading the immersion cooling activities within the Advanced Cooling sub-project. The Dutch cleantech company emphasized their leadership position in the community by making the global summit the platform to launch several new solutions and partnerships. Alongside the hardware update, a strategic partnership with global fluid developers and process oils specialists Shell was established. The two companies presented the first results from their R&D partnership, the fluid bespoke for immersion cooling, available for all solution providers and immersion cooling users.Shell Immersion Cooling Fluid S5 X is a synthetic, single-phase immersion cooling fluid made from gas using Shell’s gas-to-liquids technology. It is optimised for Asperitas’ natural-convection-driven immersion cooling solutions but can also be used in the pump/forced circulation systems of other providers.The liquid is designed to reduce energy costs and emissions through its high cooling efficiency, excellent flow behaviour as well as thermodynamic properties, and it is available across the immersion-cooling market.

“We are excited to bring this new product to the market,” says Eduardo de Azevedo, Shell product application specialist for immersion cooling fluids. “Our immersion cooling fluid can help to cut data centre energy consumption and reduce carbon dioxide emissions. The gas-to-liquids technology is a sustainable alternative for the immersion cooling industry.”

Rolf Brink, Asperitas CEO says “Shell is our trusted partner for developing the immersion cooling fluid, preferred partner for deployments and quality monitoring. With their decades of experience there is a tremendous amount of value for our customers and strategic partners we can offer together”.

The combined product announcements will enforce the large-scale implementation of this immersion cooling technology by cloud hyperscalers, telecom providers and other OCP adopters.

About Asperitas

Asperitas, a Dutch clean and high-tech scale-up, develops and markets Immersed Computing® a technology based on immersion liquid cooling to enable data centres to function in a sustainable manner, even for the most demanding users and environments. In 2018, Asperitas won the international New Energy Challenge competition organised by Shell, Rockstart and YESDelft, and in the same year was named “Hottest Greentech Startup of Europe” and “Global Changemakers” in other award competitions.

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