August 5, 2023

Asperitas Joins NVIDIA Partner Network to Advance Solution Integration

Asperitas Joins NVIDIA Partner Network to Advance Solution Integration

Asperitas doubles-down on its mission to meet the demands of today’s machine learning and AI workloads.

Global immersion cooling specialists Asperitas announced today that it has joined the NVIDIA Partner Network (NPN) as it continues to deliver customers the most advanced immersion cooling solutions available.Asperitas provides plug-and-play immersion cooling solutions for datacentres.

The increasing demand for high-performance and high-density compute solutions, especially GPUs, is driving immersion cooling adoption. The new NPN partner status and comprehensive training offered will enable the Asperitas sales and technical teams to scope customer requirements quickly, together with other partners, to deliver solutions that meet efficiency and performance requirements while supporting sustainability and carbon negative roadmaps of datacentre operators and compute users.Commenting on its new NPN membership, Andy Young, Asperitas CTO, commented: “I am thrilled to be sharing this news and excited to have the team complete the GPU Genius Training. Working with NVIDIA to develop immersion cooling solutions enables us to get the best outcomes for GPU and networking performance by applying our collective knowledge and expertise. This is set to achieve the best possible thermal design and performance.”

“Asperitas’ expertise in plug-and-play immersion cooling solutions for datacentres is a critical piece of the rapidly evolving landscape of accelerated computing technology using GPUs,” said Craig Weinstein, vice president of the Americas Partner Organization at NVIDIA. “Their capabilities and history of driving innovation makes Asperitas a valuable addition to the NPN.”Peter Uelen, Asperitas CCO added: “The demand for GPU applications is rising, as is the requirement for immersion cooling, so I am very pleased to be able to officially announce our membership in the NPN. We look forward to meeting the ever-growing demand for machine learning and AI with this collaboration. The training in sales and technology offered through the NPN will be an invaluable resource to the team.”

Asperitas works closely together with a variety of OEM partners and integrators to optimise compute solutions for immersion and develop future-ready solutions that are reliable, predictable and immersion ready. Those interested in collaborating are urged to read more about the Asperitas Partner Ecosystem, which details how each partner is contributing to the success of Immersed Computing®


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About the technology

Datacentres can become more energy efficient using Asperitas’ cooling technology, while at the same time reducing the space needed for the same IT capacity by directly cooling the hardware with an optimised liquid developed by Shell. The completely closed solution can be directly applied to existing datacentres. Asperitas’ solution, known as Immersed Computing®, is the only pumpless immersion cooled system, based on the natural convection concept, resulting in plug and play enterprise ready solutions.

The technology also makes it possible for energy-intensive (future) hardware of chip manufacturers to continue to function at the highest possible utilisation rate. The latter makes the technology interesting for users of high-performance computing systems. A unique aspect of Asperitas’ solution is its ability to offer hot water-cooling, which makes it possible to cool datacentres, even in warm areas. The solution converts all electricity used for the hardware into a usable energy form: warm water of at least 55 degrees Celsius. This would allow datacentres to transform into suppliers of residual heat on a large scale, catering to the needs of many European regions where many datacentres are housed.

About Asperitas

Asperitas is a Dutch clean and high-tech scale-up with an HQ in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The company has developed and marketed Immersed Computing®, a technology based on immersion liquid cooling to enable datacentres to function in a sustainable manner, even for the most demanding users and environments. In 2018, Asperitas won the international New Energy Challenge competition organised by Shell, Rockstart and YES!Delft. In May 2020, the World Economic Forum published a paper on Transformational Energy Innovations of the last 10 years, selecting Asperitas technology as the only datacentre energy efficiency solution in their ground-breaking paper.

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