August 15, 2023

Asperitas expands “Immersed Computing® Experience” with healthcare and wellness

Asperitas cares for the wellbeing of her customers and partners. Therefore, as of this month, Asperitas has expanded the Immersed Computing® Experience with the full benefits of oil immersion towards a full wellness experience. As most people know, the same medicinal quality oil which Asperitas uses for immersing servers is also used as the basis of massage oil and because of this, everyone in the Asperitas team has recently finished their personal health therapy trainings.From now on, anyone who signs up for the Asperitas Experience can schedule a 1 hour personal full body massage with any of the team members. Asperitas offers a selection of patented high density energy oils. This selection includes “cloud energy”, “high performance oil”, “esoteric crypto” and simple “medicinal immersion”.Asperitas has already invested in the development of reusable energy propositions and collaborates with several energy companies for creating reusable heat from server environments. Apparently the heat is not the only usable waste product of Asperitas’ systems. “We noticed that not all energy ended up in the water systems, but instead energy was being absorbed by the oil in which the servers are placed”. This has resulted in high energetic oils which can be re-applied for different purposes altogether.“We have received a lot of interest from the health industry for our high energetic oils.” clarifies Maikel Bouricius, marketing manager with Asperitas. “Together with Total, one of the suppliers of our oil, we have done extensive research on these enriched oils which are the direct result from immersing cloud systems in our systems.”

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