August 5, 2023

The role of innovative cooling technology in the sustainable datacentre

Digital Infra Network virtual talk

Cooling is a notoriously energy hungry element of making datacentres work. As much as 40 per cent of power delivered to a facility is likely to be used for cooling. Dealing with excess heat is one of the biggest, most expensive factors involved in running a modern data center. What are the best options when it comes to datacentre cooling?

· Leveraging the power of artificial intelligence to improve cooling efficiency
· Harnessing data to model trends and usage patterns to better manage power and cooling needs.
· What are the best practices for ensuring optimal datacentre cooling?
· The big mistakes datacentre managers need to avoid when it comes to cooling strategies
· Where next for datacentre cooling? The different technologies for cooling datacentres
· What needs to happen for liquid cooling to become commonplace in colocation

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