August 5, 2023

Meet Asperitas at ISC High Performance 2019

Whether you are talking about science, engineering, or the commercial sector, high performance computing has proven to be a catalyst for innovation. In academic research, HPC is driving new discoveries and advances scientific knowledge, while in the commercial world, it is helping to develop better products and services.And thanks to advances in computing power, the ability of HPC to fuel innovation is growing with each passing year. Improved algorithms for everything from climate modeling to machine learning are advancing in concert with new processors, memory technologies, and system architectures. As a result, HPC is leading the way into a post-Moore’s Law era of computing where hardware-software codesign is enabling better performance and more cost-effective operation.

In 2019 ISC High Performance will be offering a vital platform for attendees to discover high performance computing trends, developments and demands in science, engineering and commerce.

Come join over 3,500 attendees and 160 exhibitors on June 16 – 20, and find out how HPC is fueling innovation.

Meet Asperitas at ISC at booth #C1155.

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