August 5, 2023

INTPF 2021 Webinar Series #04

INTPF 2021 Webinar Series #04 | Immersion Cooling Technology: Towards Greener and More Energy Efficient Data Center

IA-ITB NL together with the Indonesian Embassy for the Netherlands is organizing a technology forum. In this forum, representatives of various stakeholders can share their experience, pitch their ideas or products to potential backers, and discuss challenges and opportunities in establishing a partnership in innovations that is mutually beneficial. As of 2017, renewable energy sources only account for 8% of the primary energy mix sources in Indonesia. While Indonesia aims to increase renewable energy share to 23% (2025) and 31% (2030). Advancement in sustainable energy sector is challenged by regulatory and policy uncertainty, market & financing barriers, undeveloped local renewables industry. On the other hand, the Netherlands has a competitive advantage where prominent institutions and companies are located.

Join Maikel Bouricius, Business Development Manager at Asperitas for his talk on Immersion cooling technology and its implementation.

The session is scheduled for Saturday 11 September at 10:35am CET / 3.35pm WIB and you can register 👉 HERE

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