August 5, 2023

DCD>Keeping IT Cool: Immersion Cooling Special

New episodes of the DCD> Keeping IT Cool: Immersion Special will be streaming live on May 3 and 4, 2023 at The Data Center Cooling Channel. Together with Shell, Boston Limited and Intel, Asperitas has recorded the next DatacenterDynamics panel session on immersion cooling: Delivering sustainable and reliable results by leveraging immersion cooling

Immersion cooling is not new, but as IT workloads continue to densify, the move towards more effective cooling techniques has become a necessity. Whilst the need for immersion is clear, the path to adoption is still a discovery for first time users. With immersion cooling being a cross over solution between cooling and IT, there are different components and perspectives to what makes an immersion cooling project successful.

Our broadcast will be streaming live at 9am ET on the 4th of May, or you can watch this broadcast now using the on-demand links below. To watch our broadcast ➡️ please click here.

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