August 5, 2023

DCD>Keeping IT Cool

What can immersion do for you and how do we make it work?

Asperitas and Shell have partnered up once again to showcase the unique partnership that delivers turnkey solutions in immersion cooling. The talk will explore how the two companies have developed a streamlined certification working together with OEM and integration partners to deliver high performance turnkey immersion cooling solutions. Immersion cooling has developed into a mature technology and is now considered as a primary method for cooling IT in datacentres and at the Edge.

Join CTO at Asperitas, Andy Young and Product Application Specialist at Shell, Eduardo de Azevedo by registering HERE.

Our session is scheduled for Wed 14 July at 11.00 AM (EDT) UTC-4 / 5pm CET.

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Register here 👉 https://invt.io/1mdcx2y3azc

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