August 5, 2023

DCD Keeping IT Cool

The virtual conference on datacentre cooling

A deep dive into datacentre cooling technology & the challenges of managing higher density deployments.

What you can expect:

  • bringing together the leading experts on datacentre cooling from across the world for a deep dive into IT thermodynamics as the industry approaches the 100KW rack. Free-cooling, evaporative cooling, immersion, direct-to-chip, GPUs, TPUs and the rest will be explored in detail with case studies and cutting edge insight from the market.

Together with our Fluid R&D partner Shell, we are really looking forward to this virtual event. Immersion in a thermally conductive, electrically dielectric coolant is a highly efficient way to keep hardware cool. Reducing energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions while reducing costs and increasing location flexibility. On a larger scale, immersion cooling offers standardised efficiency, independent of location, facility and hardware requirements. Asperitas and Shell will be sharing how they redefine immersion cooling with their Immersed Computing® solutions and the jointly developed immersion cooling fluid.

Tune in and join our session:

Wednesday August 5, 2020 • 09:00am EDT / 03:00pm CET

Immersion cooling redefined: Enabling cost-efficient, sustainable and future-ready datacentres anywhere

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