November 17, 2023

AMAX Event | Sustainable Paths in Computing

What is needed to achieve sustainable computing? One thing for sure – collaborative efforts across industries!

Expect a day filled with expert insights on a wide range of topics. AMAX will kick off with showcases of the latest in computing and cooling technologies. Following that, the event will delve into the evolving needs of datacentre infrastructure, the energy transition, and the potential for the Mid-West to emerge as a green datacentre hub.

Expert speakers, including our CTO, Andy Young, will share their expertise on monitoring, reporting, and reducing carbon emissions and championing sustainable practices in the digital world. Andy will be on the panel titled:

The Next Revolution | The Future of Cooling in Computing

Throughout the day, engage in networking, idea exchanges, and uncover new sustainable approaches in computing. Whether you're an IT or datacentre professional, an AI practitioner, researcher, sustainability advocate, student, or just keen on the subject, this event is tailored for all passionate about fostering a greener tech future.

To register to attend, please click here. You can also book in a meeting with one of our experts ➡️ https://calendly.com/asperitas/demo

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