HPC and heat reuse
Groningen, The Netherlands

Bytesnet , a company in need of a robust solution to cater to customers requiring high-performance computing, faced the challenge of managing the increased energy consumption and heat generation associated with these powerful processors.


To overcome this hurdle, Bytesnet turned to the Asperitas AIC24 immersion cooling solution. This cutting-edge technology boasts a remarkable cooling capacity of 60kW, effectively addressing the cooling demands of energy-intensive processors.

What sets the Asperitas AIC24 apart is its unique natural convection-driven circulation system. This feature ensures efficient cooling while offering complete flexibility for accommodating high-density compute and storage solutions.

For nearly 30 years, we have created incredible technology alliances, and we knew that Asperitas would be the right partner to meet Bytesnet’s requirements

Manoj Nayee
Managing Director of Boston Limited

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