Since 2014 we have been developing Immersed Computing® for a wide variety of applications and we set immersion cooling industry standards with a team of quality design, engineering and IT specialists. We understand you have goals for your compute or cloud platform and your organisation. Immersed Computing® solutions open doors of opportunities and we design solutions, from optimised server design to fully integrated immersion cooling systems tailored to your needs. All solutions we design can be warm water cooled and offer 100% of IT energy ready for reuse.


Immersion Cooling
optimised for synergy

Immersed Computing®, our award winning technology, enables sustainable and high density datacenters anywhere they are needed to run your applications. Our full integrated, contained and liquid cooled solutions include application centric server platforms optimised for immersion cooling and synergy. Find out more

Complete synergy

Developed with partners to bring complete synergy between cooling and compute. Designed, optimised and certified for immersion.

Standardised & Scalable

Go from a standalone system to a mixed zone large scale datacentre with multipurpose needs. Without the complexity.

Simple to use

No pumps, no moving parts means low maintenance. Managed remotely with automated safety control. Ready to run anywhere.

Future Ready

Build for your future plans. Immersed Computing® can facilitate the high density and performance hardware you want.

How we work.

For organisations with specific needs or challenges we design, optimise, certify and deliver Immersed Computing® solutions from immersion cooling servers to fully integrated systems tailored to your needs.

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    Immersed Computing® made it possible to facilitate a record breaking high density GPU platform in an existing datacentre with minimal investment needed."

    Willem Jan Withagen - CTO EcoRacks


    With Immersed Computing® it’s possible to bring a totally immersed cloud solution to the enterprise market in no time. "

    Martin Bradburn - CEO Peasoup


    We fully share the vision to reduce power consumption for datacentres by transforming from the current compute-centric to a more green and effciency-centric infrastructure. "

    Prof. Dr. Ingo Ebersberger

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