Datacentres for emerging technologies can be future ready.

High performance and compute immersion cooling solutions to develop next generation digital applications. Facilitated in a datacentre or on premise, on a minimised footprint, without the noise, with maximised performance. Our immersion cooling solutions can be warm water cooled and offer 100% of IT energy ready for reuse.


Immersed Cooling
optimised for synergy

Immersed Computing, our award-winning immersion cooling technology, enables sustainable and high density datacentres anywhere they are needed to run your applications. Our full integrated, contained and liquid cooled solutions include application centric server platforms optimised for synergy. Find out more

Complete synergy

Developed with partners to bring complete synergy between cooling and compute. Designed, optimised and certified for immersion.

Standardised & Scalable

Go from a standalone system to a mixed zone large scale datacentre with multipurpose needs. Without the complexity.

Simple to use

No pumps, no moving parts means low maintenance. Managed remotely with automated safety control. Ready to run anywhere.

Up to 40% more CPU performance

Up to 40% more CPU performance. Run max boost all the time.


Accelerate your datacentre infrastructure with plug and play immersion cooling solutions.
Powered by Immersed Computing®




High Performance. High Density.

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Multipurpose. Efficient.

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Custom Immersion Cooling Systems IMMERSED COMPUTING® SOLUTIONS



Customised for performance.

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High Density, simplified

For emerging technology developers environments we offer integrated solutions fully equipped with 24 server designed, optimised and certified for immersion cooling. Offering high density compute for CPU and GPU workloads.

HPCzone241 Immersed Computing® solution for high density CPU workloads powered by AMD EPYC. Up to 3072 cores.

Fully integrated plug and play high density cloud & compute solution for AMD EPYC™ CPU workloads. Cores: 3072 Memory: 96 TB Storage: 768 TB Power load: 21kW

Dual motherboard with Quad CPU socket AMD EPYC™ 7000 series. 24 x servers 96 x CPU
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24x servers

HPCzone243 Immersed Computing® solution for high density GPU workloads powered by Nvidia®. Up to 331.776 CUDA cores

Fully integrated plug and play solution for GPU driven compute workloads with Nvidia® GPU and Intel® CPU. CUDA cores: 331.776 cuda Cores: 1056 CPU Memory: 48 TB Storage: 384 TB Power load: 15kW

Single motherboard with Dual CPU socket for Intel® 24 x servers 72 x GPU 48 x CPU
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24x servers

CUSTOMzone241 Immersed Computing® solutions customised to your needs

Fully integrated plug and play high density cloud & compute solutions customised and developed to your needs

For organisations with specific needs or challenges we design, optimise, certify and deliver Immersed Computing® solutions tailored to your needs.
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x servers

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Immersed Computing® made it possible to facilitate a record breaking high density GPU platform in an existing datacentre with minimal investment needed."

The Asperitas Immersed Computing® solutions did meet the requirements to deliver a 300kW facility on less than 35m2 with ten systems. In order to do this a unique server configuration had to be developed by Asperitas for a GPU-based cluster. This Immersed Computing® optimised configuration is able to run 12 GPUs in a 1U server; totaling up to 288 GPUs per system. For the system to run all year round a simple dry-cooler system was deployed. Optionally, the high temperature cooling water is ready to be fed into a district heating system.

Willem Jan Withagen - CTO EcoRacks

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