Asperitas and EcoRacks datacenter announced a deal for the first Immersed Computing® datacenter in The Netherlands during the Infosecurity Data & Cloud Expo.  EcoRacks is operating a datacenter in Eindhoven, a city known as a European high tech hub. Currently a new data hall is being prepared dedicated for Asperitas Immersed Computing® technology to facilitate about 300 kW by the end of 2017.

EcoRacks has selected the technology from Asperitas to be able to facilitate high density cloud customers in a very efficient way. Immersed Computing® allows for high density environments in limited white space.

Asperitas developed Immersed Computing®, a technology build around the concept of total liquid cooling, and launched the first plug and play solution during Datacenter World & Cloud Expo Europe in March. Since the launch Asperitas has received recognition from within and outside the international datacenter and cloud industry for this sustainable innovation. Immersed Computing® has been nominated for numerous awards, from Datacloud’s Best Energy Solution to Accenture Innovation Award for Circular Economy Innovation. Asperitas also has been selected as one of the cleantech startups competing in the global Web Summit competition next week.

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