With all we do, we live and work for reshaping and innovating the datacentre world.

Asperitas is a clean and high-tech company founded in 2014 in Haarlem, The Netherlands. We launched our first solution in 2017, after an extensive R&D phase with an ecosystem of cutting edge partners.

Immersed Computing® is the concept driving the innovative Asperitas solutions. This concept is a based on total liquid cooling also known as immersion cooling and is fully ready to support the highest global datacentre standards. Asperitas has won several European awards for the innovation level and potential impact of the solutions, including the Europas Greentech award, Global Changemaker award and the New Energy Challenge organised by Shell.

We believe in thinking differently, with responsibility towards the future energy footprint and therefore contributing to a better world.


Immersed Computing®: addressing all global datacentre challenges with one solution.

The global datacentre industry is one of the fastest growing technology driven industries. With emerging digital technologies like artificial intelligence, data analytics, virtual reality, IoT and advanced cloud services we could say we are on a wave of high performance computing.

Today datacentres are facing the boundaries regarding floorspace, access to (renewable) energy, cooling costs, complexity and cost of built.

The next hardware component generations facilitating the emerging digital technologies are high powered and require high density hardware platforms. Resulting in a situation where the current datacentre model does not fit with the technology it should be facilitating. On top of that, datacentres are generating energy today, hot air. But currently most of this energy is brought to waste as it is impossible to transport to heat users in an efficient and cost friendly way.

Our mission is to enable sustainable and high performing datacentres facilitating all of the emerging digital technologies, anywhere datacentres need to be for that purpose and on any scale.

OUR VISION FOR datacentres


Full circular design


Minimal physical footprint


Simple to deploy anywhere


 Energy efficient &  reuse ready



EU Grant. This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 816831